How can I manage everything going on now that I'm an adult? (For context: I just turned 18, and now I have to keep up with my own medical treatments. So far, I'm very overwhelmed and feel lost with all of this.)


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  • Little_Bit


    I can totally understand you on this one, at first yes it's very stressful but once you figure it out it'll get better. I like to keep a notebook and i have all my healthcare providers on it, what they're for, if they've diagnosed me with anything & any medicine they've given me. Especially after last year, i was in a coma due to pneumonia in both lungs and kidney infection in both kidneys. I hope this helps!!

  • Emo_Enby_99


    Been adulting for 5 years now. It really helps to get a 5 topic journal and use each section for separate things like different specialty doctors, medicine, and treatment plans. Keep one for things you need to bring up at next appointment such as new symptoms, concerns, and things like that. It also helps to talk to your pcp about reminder calls and some places offer check in calls post appointment. It's a lot to learn but once you've formed the habit, you'll be better off in the long run. If you have supportive parents(it's ok if you don't) then ask them to help you transition into doing it yourself. It's not a bad thing to ask for help/ at reminders. You may get overwhelmed but that's ok, just step back and say "this is new, I just need to take it slow" you can do this!

  • BravestToaster


    They are totally right about keeping a journal and staying organized. It just makes it easier overall. That's something I wish I did when I first started having extra health problems and had to take meds. Makes it easier in the long run!

  • A_Delicate_Flower


    Besides writing everything down, I found a free app called Abridge. It records and transcribes your Dr visits for you so you can reference later. You can keep your medications in there too for easy reference. I've found it very useful.

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