Some personal tips I have on Bulimeia from personal experience.

~4 of my tips/recommendations for people with Bulimeia~

1. Aftercare. After a episode or relapse you have to take care of yourself after. This may include clean up, showering, brushing teeth to remove food and bile (baking soda is great to brush with), and have a mint or chew minty gum to settle your stomach and ease any stomach discomfort or nausea (peppermint tea is good for this too).

2. Communication with trusted friend/partner/person. If you have a safe person confide in them when struggling, get their reassurance if possible that everything will be okay and/or will allow you to vent the feelings you may be feeling. Communication especially in relationships are important when you have a history of ED'S. They can also give support and help relapses end much sooner or stop them in their tracks.

2. Remember and Remind yourself that your ED'S are an addiction and treat them as such. You are bound to have relapses over time whether they are momentary or a full relapse. That is how addiction works, it is with you forever. Doesn't matter how good you've been with it, relapses will happen. Putting it in perspective of an addiction is easier as it is and our EDs should be treated as such. It's also easier for people to understand if you call it an addiction.

3. Forgive yourself when you relapse. This may seem impossible or silly to some but this is huge. The feelings when relapsing are crushing and overwhelming especially if you've been clean for years. You'll be sad, frustrated, hopeless, angry, maybe even numb. You'll take it out on yourself and make it worse. So even if it takes awhile you have to come back and forgive yourself. As I stated you are an addict now and as such there is possibility of relapse. It happens to us all, you are only human. Forgiveness plays a huge roll on recovery and overcoming such strong addictions. Learn to forgive yourself and your body.

4. Avoid triggering things whenever possible. This may include scales, laxatives, trendy diets, excessive excersise, etc. At doctors offices tell the nurses to not read your weight outloud for your mental health or history of EDs (if comfortable) and get on the scale backwards. Keep laxatives out of your home or have a trusted person lock them up from you if possible. Trendy diets may poke your interest but I wouldn't recommend any of them unless you need to be on one for medical reasons as it still hurts your relationship with food and could lead to relapse. Do not allow yourself to abuse excersise as a type of purge. If you have used this method during any ED but need to excerise or desire to I would recommend timers and working out with a friend or trusted person. Have them set the limits or mutually agree to a set time and when it's over you stop even if you wish to keep going. If someone can't be there in person then FaceTime or call on apps or the actual phone to have someone chat and still provide the limits. They can carry on with their day or simply chat with you as you go through your workout.

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  • KittyKatKuo


    I mean 5 tips/recommendations and I numbered them wrong lol but you get the gist of it

  • AnimalBoy


    Learning to cook and making more elaborate meals always helped me. It worked up an appetite and I end up feeling more attached to the food than if i had just microwaved it and less likely to purge.

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