Hey y'all, for those of my friends who suffer with s/h, what do you recommend when it comes to talking with general physicians and stuff? I'm meeting with a new doctor today and I think there's a chance of having to deal with a physical examination, and Idk what to say if they ask about my scars (new and old)

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  • Nickminus


    They shouldn’t be looking under your clothes except to check your back, so wear sleeves and pants - sleeves shouldn’t be from a jacket or something on top because they might ask to remove that. If you get asked about it, if you’re trying to stay out of the hospital just emphasize that they’re old and that you have no plan to either continue or to do anything worse, and they can’t do anything. However, if you genuinely want help for it, you can tell the truth and they can get you help. Doctors suck in the s/h world, but in reality they are meant to help, I guess, and there’s no shame in admitting that. Again, though, if it’s safer for you, just brush it off, and if asked, tell them there is no plan or intent to continue. I hope you’re doing okay, and I wish you luck. You’ve got this, alright? I’m proud of you

    • codacola


      Thank you, man. I really, really appreciate you saying that. It's just hard cause I'm trying to figure out some chronic pain stuff, so adding and trying to differentiate what comes from my "injuries" and what's part of the condition is hard.

      • Nickminus


        I completely understand what you’re saying. I know what it’s like. If you need anything at all, you’ve got people in your corner here.

  • Pfeiffer


    Not everyone can do this, but if you tell them before the exam, like almost the first words you say when your in the room. I think it takes the anxiety off you guessing when or if they will bring it up. And I think it will also take some pressure off them to, it’s just as uncomfortable for a doctor to ask about scars as it is for you to be asked. I found when I did this with my eating disorder and other mental health it made appointments much easier.

  • E_belli


    Sometimes it can depend on how old you are. When I was under 18 (probs 14ish) and had a physical/labs my doctor was required to tell my mom about it. In fact, that is how she found out the first time. If you are over 18, they aren't required to say anything to anyone but will document it in your chart. But just saying you have a history of self-harm and it's something you're working on/getting help for (whichever is your case) and that you’re not suicidal (if you're not) works for some doctors. Generally, they’re starting to ask questions about depression at appts now and if you answer honestly, I think certain doctors may understand a little bit more. But not all. Like someone else said, if you want help, let them discover or the simple admission of it is good too. Honestly, some doctors if you're over 18 won't even address it bc it’s awkward for them too. I hope you're okay. Please reach out to your doc if you need help. And here if you need support. Good luck.

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