I used to daydream and it took up a huge chunk of my day.. it at one point basically turned into full dissociation and with therapy it turned back into daydreaming. I don't know anyone else with this experience and i feel so alone with it. I don't even daydream anymore and it stresses me out. it mostly happened when I was stuck at home from not being able to go to school due to illness. or I would be in class during a subject i was bad at. it was so real. the closest thing I have to it now is my nightmares and i have no control over them and they have scary themes. I feel helpless in them. now when im bedridden and all i have to do is watch tv, play games, or draw. I get flashbacks to the nightmare i had the night before. I've tried everything from therapy to drugs to watching asmr every night before I sleep. do you think maybe my daydreaming and nightmares could be linked?

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  • brookek99


    It is definitely possible that they’re related. A psychologist or psychiatrist could evaluate you to be sure. If you can find something that helps with one then it will probably help with the other

  • KitKat723


    I'm not sure if they are linked but i for sure used to daydream a lot and now have many nightmares. I've had a similar experience, i just never thought so deeply about it. They definitly could be though

  • MayMoon


    I have both and I have noticed the more I daydream there’s a decrease in nightmares. As a beginner in psychology I can say the sometimes daydreaming can take stress off our shoulders which is why sometimes we can get so into it that we miss half the day. It’s best to find a healthy balance. You can daydream, but find healthy stress relievers for a day to day basis.

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