Does anyone have advice for maintaining a somewhat balanced diet and/or avoiding cravings? I go through long periods where I struggle to eat or even feel nauseated by all food other than refined sugar and bland foods like chips and crackers. And I know that an all-carb high-sugar low-protein diet isn't doing my mental health any favors.

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • AtropaxBella


    I've researched alot into food and cravings, or body craves food that has alot of what we need, partiularly vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. If you search on google " cravings and what you need" you should find a lot. The best resources are ones that look a little plain 🤷🏻‍♀️. Water is also key in health problems we dont expect arise from not drinking enough water. I hope that helps a bit (atleast the physical side)

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