I will be starting waking soon, those who have taken or are taking it what are pros, cons or thoughts about it? I'm really hoping this could be the one, I have taken Adderall, modafinil and armodafinil and it's just not enough or my body adjusts to quickly, I have tried sunosi and it was great until I started to get the anxiety side effects really bad and had to be pulled off, starting to feel hopeless on finding a medicine and add being surrounded by people who have no idea what it's like just makes things so much harder.

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy




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  • Libby123


    I went through the same thing, try going to a wholistic doctor and getting a full stomach SIBO workup as well as neurotransmitter testimg

  • out_of_orexin


    Do you mean Wakix? I used to take it and it helped NOTICIBLY by like the second or third day. No side effects. I only went off it because my insurance changed. I'm trying to get back on it.

  • jmr2191


    Haven't tried Wakix, but that's only because Xyrem did the trick and I won't mess with a good thing.

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