guys help me. I am going through some tough emotions over something I did earlier in the day. it has something to do with Me not being able to say no to someone and make them wait. I just am really upset over it like I am literally crying right now. I just wish I can say no to more people and things. that Is one of the problems with what I did today that really pissed my dad off. I understand the fact that what I did was wrong and that the person i helped did say s*** about My dad more times than once but I was helping an animal not the person. he expected me to wait until he got home. he would not have found out If I had kept the main door of his shed locked. then I probably would not be in this mess. I just need someone to talk to right now. I am still crying pretty good and i need someone to reassure me that everything is gonna be fine for a while after what happened today. HELP!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Niktheking


    Hi, first of all, I'm sure everything will be fine and everything will work out for the best. Your father loves you and will always love you no matter what you do. Regarding the second part, I think it's very nice that you help in times of need, whether it's people or animals, but you also need to know how to say no, it's also very important for your peace of mind to really be able to do what you want. I would suggest to try and start applying it first to the people closest to you, who you know love you and will support you, and then move to the more distant circles.

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