How does your anxiety manifest? when not controlled my anxiety manifests as explosive anger and rage. medicine and therapy has been a great help

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • slothtastic36


    i definitely relate! when i am anxious i find myself incredibly irritable and certain sensations feel so overwhelming that i just snap. i agree that medication and therapy have helped me as well luckily :)

  • Alatna


    personally i tend to have sensory overloads, i’ve also got my fair share of systematic symptoms. when my anxiety was going unchecked it eventually overflowed and ended up with me being unbearably nauseous/not being able to keep anything down for over a month.

  • arete


    so many ways. id panic before school like i just couldn't stop thinking about how it sucks and how if i don't go ill get in trouble but if i do I'll be miserable and just feedback loop until I couldn't stand it. i still do it with work or anything that feels like it matters. if not doing it has consequences and its at all difficult it becomes 100x more difficult because i hyperfixate on that negative spiral. i also get so angry when i fuck up dinner or feel like a failure and then i hate myself for being angry because my parents fought all the time and i hate angry people so i stuff my anger down and fuck myself up.

  • t.i.k.d


    why is it that I feel the exact same way I always feel like I was the only one who felt like this and to see someone else say this made me feel a sense of relief that I'm not the only who feels this way. I kinda felt like I was being dramatic and was always telling myself I'm just being dumb or it's stupid that I feel that way everyday before going to school or getting on the bus, it actually got to the point where I made my mother take me to school everyday because I was so scared to get on the bus

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