does anyone suffer from severe migraines to the point where they're dizzy and sensitive to light and noise



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  • Dysph0ria


    Meeee✋! I haven had bad bought of those today ontop of my period. [Which I am experiencing for the 2nd time after not having it for 8 years! It is NOT pleasent!!! Haha..] I take 600mg ibphrophen & cycle it with some 200mg tylenol throughout the day, cause I can only have the 600mg once every 8hrs. I also keep a rotation of home made ice packs in the freezer so theres always at least one frozen for me. I use the pads with the absorbing gel centers with alittle what in them & they freeze up great! I put those suckers right on my neck/forehead during the attacks. Then if I can stand it, I'll throw in a few short scolding hot showers during the day with the shade drawn & the light out. Might light a candle or two if I'm feeling fancy. Some relaxing music & chill in the shower for a good 30 minutes max. I'll do that 4 times a day if the headaches are bad enough. Ontop of that avoid caffeine, sugar. Unless you have a dependency on coffee. Then go ahead & have a cup!! Haha. Mostly I just try to listen to my body & what its telling me. Sometimes I gotta listen extra hard tho & other times I gotta guess & some days I'll give up & just lay in my bed. Heated blanket on. Shades drawn. Earpods/earplugs shoved, prolly too deep, in my ears. Soft headband like under my chin & around the top of my head as extra support to hold my wireless earbuds in just incase I manage to fall asleep by some MIRICLE ! So I'm not tearing apart my whole bed when I wake up looking for lost earpods...haha! && every worst case scenario when nothing brings you ANY relief & u are physically incapable of functioning like a healthy person should... ...then throw on your largest, oversized, sunglasses, hat, hoodie - pull hood tight over whole head. Have a friend drive & guide you in to see your PCP!!! Hope any of this helpes:( 💕🙏

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