How do you motivate yourself to clean the house? I have been needing to clean but I can never get motivated unless i know someone will be over that day.


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  • Bergeron


    I have no answer and am only following! LOL

  • MoonRabbit


    I find myself less motivated until I have a full on anxiety episode and then the house is SPOTLESS. I am a bit of a germaphobe so the tipping point is usually the kitchen. I try to think outside the problem sometimes too. Seeing piles of clothes makes me depressed which makes me not want to take care of them. I try to wrench myself out of that cycle best I can but sometimes it takes a bit. 💕

  • Syd444


    A thing I used to do when I was really stressed or had pent up emotions, I would rearrange furniture to get my hands busy and distract my mind. (I knew that I needed something to do to ease my mind and approached it that way rather than with “I need to clean”) It helped a lot and made me sleep better afterwards because I exerted so much energy.

  • prettyporcelain


    Watching depression room clean with me YouTube videos

  • BanderSnail


    I invite a friend over

  • maraisaglass


    I would recommend if you have the budget for it, maybe hiring a housecleaner or home organizer to help hold you accountable with cleaning and organizing, maybe you could work on it together and they could lift some of the responsibility off your shoulder. If you want, I have a good resource for a housecleaner and home organizer, feel free to dm me if you're interested!

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