I have a prolapsed mitral valve with mild regurgitation. I was just hospitalized for a week and gave also had to take several weeks off from work (unknown when I'll be able to go back) due to complications. the regurgitation, while minor, resulted in cardiomegaly and severe arrhythmias with sudden onset resulting in severe vertigo and full body numbness. We're currently waiting on my ziopatch results before considering a cardiac ablation. Would remodeling my mitral valve be out if the question because the regurgitation is minor or would it be considered because my symptoms are so severe?


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  • Fernando


    Hey, I had a synthetic mitral valve replacement due to a rheumatic disease. I don’t really know if surgery would be the first choice for you but being symptomatic might make you a candidate for a surgery

    • ggwaterfall


      I had the same done. Rheumatic Fever and a hole in the back if my heart. I had an MI and found out I had severe regurgitation. When you say synthetic, what does that mean? I have a metal St. Jude valve. What is yours?

  • Tachi


    Yeah, I know they don't typically repair trivial regurgitation, but if that is honestly what my cardiologist thinks caused all of this, I really can't have it happen again. I've been pretty debilitated since 9/21.

  • Fernando


    What does your cardiologist think caused this?

  • Tachi


    Caused what?

  • Tachi


    All of my symptoms?

  • Tachi


    My cardiologist says that even though my regurgitation is trivial, enough pressure built up over time resulting in my heart dilating. Eventually it dilated and got stressed to the point of throwing acute, severe arrhythmias resulting in my symptoms.

  • Fernando


    Oh, okay. I didn’t know that, thank you for clarifying

  • LadyCracking


    Same here... born with Heart Murmur as well as a hole in my heart

  • Rowboat


    How is everything? Did you get the surgery?

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