Any advice on anxiety about starting a stimulant? When I went on a "grippy sock vacation" last there was someone who was addicted to their ADHD stimulant and it stresses me out bc I'm afraid I'll get addicted to it.

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  • Eren2273


    You shouldn't get addicted to it unless you abuse it. For the anxiety, I would suggest doing what normally helps you. You could also try breathing exercises when you start getting anxious!

  • mangosmom


    My psychiatrist had me start adderall at 3x a week, and then I worked my way up to 5. I chose only to do it M-F on my work schedule so it felt like I was doing it with purpose instead of doing it just because I had it.

  • Nal


    I kinda abused adderall a little but idk if I got actually addicted to it jus a little for awhile, but I abused it cus I liked how it made me really really focus nd get school work done nd clean, also to loose weight cus I liked how it made me not hungry so I basically kinda starved myself, which isn’t healthy so don’t do that, take the dose ur recommend stick to that take it only when u need it school/work. I was taking way more then I was supposed to prolly abt 80mg to more mg a day, only take what ur susposed to

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