Hey does anyone with elhers danlos get relief from muscle relaxers? I have to work to survive, and I really like my job. But my legs can't handle it. I wanna quit already simply because of pain. Someone, anyone, please give me advice



Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)



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  • toasties


    I’ve heard muscle relaxers can cause a lot more subluxations and dislocations, because the muscles have to work really hard to keep everything in place. Maybe a TENS unit would help? Or getting accommodations for little breaks with those portable leg squeezers/massagers?

  • mia.lilli


    Muscle relaxers have been great for me but it was hard to find the right one. Originally I was on tizanadine, which relaxed and felt great, but I was having more subluxations the next days. Now I'm on methocarbomal and it's been much better.

  • Constantine


    I don't, but I want to follow this thread to see what others are saying.

  • FallenFeylah


    I haven’t found much relief from them personally. They seem to either do nothing, or relax too much and I sublimate a lot easier. The one thing I’ve found they do help with is the spasms I get in my ribs occasionally and the regular human back pain. But for me it’s almost not worth it. But everyone is different and hopefully they work better for others!

  • AllieMae


    I do daily Epsom salt baths and use a foam roller on my legs and peanut ball roller on my back. Actively loosening the muscles is the most effective thing for me, and what my physical therapist recommends. It really helps me to relax before bed and wake up feeling good the next morning. I can make it through my days now but really just have to be consistent with it

    • anxious.queer.zebra


      I do everything I can at night, but my pain wakes me up everyday. Have you done b12 shots? Are they helpful instead of muscle relaxants?

      • AllieMae


        I haven’t tried that no! I do take a vitamin everyday with B12 though

  • chronicallyfab


    Truthfully, doing ice on my back and neck for 20-minutes twice a day has provided more relief and healing for my muscles than muscle relaxers have. While muscle relaxers do help relieve spasms for me, I often end up with more subluxations the next day or new trigger points in my neck and shoulders.

  • ninners


    I take Carisoprodol, and it has been one of the only things that has helped this much!

  • Tinkerbell82


    We shouldn’t take muscle relaxers. And it’s been a long day so I don’t have the brain capacity to explain it tonight. #brainfog. I’ll try to remember to hop back on tomorrow

  • Heaven197987


    I only take to help with my extreme spasms they do help I don't take often because I build tolerances to things easy I would take to see if you get improvements but remember muscles hold the joints so taking could increase risk of dislocations be careful if you are wanting to take

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