i hope this is okay to post! those that use cannabis for chronic pain/fibromyalgia - what products or strains do you use? ive only used one topical product but i didnt have a strong opinion about it. i smoke regularly and would love to be able to target body pain more!

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  • Keikochan


    Hi there! I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic nausea which cannabis helps a lot. I smoke regularly and also use edibles. I find that the edibles help my body more than smoking does, but when I'm having severe nausea smoking is the fastest way and it works. I would try going to your local dispo and buy some edibles or RSO. Try it in small amounts first then work up to where you feel the best body high for you.

    • 1lovemyheatingp8d


      Does smoking help take your nausea away completely? Or is it just not as bad? I have severe nausea too & i currently use SeaBands & they take the nausea away some, but not completely.

      • Keikochan


        I have my medical card so I used medical grade marijuana and I always buy high THC % and it does take my nausea away. I used to use seabands but it didn't work 100% for me

    • PeppermintAnn


      thank u for ur insight! i felt like edibles might help my body more but they just make me so sleepyyy (which is fine until u fall asleep during the sesh LOL)

  • literarylover98


    I’m a daily cannabis user with my medical card, and I swear by it to help me not only with nausea but also increasing my appetite (which is helpful when you’re on medication that suppresses it, like I am). Just be careful you don’t overdo it and “green out,” because then that makes the nausea 10x worse!

    • PeppermintAnn


      definitely appreciate it increasing my appetite when ive felt too sick to eat!!

  • catdad22


    Just curious, do any of you know whether consistency with cbd matters (e.g. having a little every day)?

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