Dose anyone ever feel ok and then all the sudden just want to cry no matter what you are doing or who you are with?


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  • romdam


    Always. It's so hard dealing with this. I feel so alone always even when I'm not

  • LadyTauriel


    Yup. Especially when I'm manic and/or my BPD is acting up. I feel like I'm alone, so I isolate myself, which of course doesn't help.

  • ComplexSpectacles3


    Totally. Definitely something I experience regularly.

  • Tata01


    Yup all the time. Sometimes it's because I realize I still feel alone in a room full of people that I'm not actually close to. Other times it's because it's too quiet and the calm doesn't seem right. But also if I suddenly hear, smell, or see something that will run a memory though my head instantly. It really sucks especially when you're trying to hide it. But I think it's just because of all the pent up emotions you have inside that at some point need to come out regardless of the mood or setting your in :/

  • GreyCat32


    This happens all the time, I'll be totally fine, then I suddenly start feeling like sobbing. Sorry this happens to you too, it sucks.

  • wishbone11


    this has happened to me since i’ve been a kid. it sucks because it’s so confusing and i sometimes even feel guilty but obviously can’t control it

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