finding it hard to cope with urges after my therapy sessions. finding that I need to reach out for extra help the afternoons after a session just to stay safe how do I deal with these urges without extra help.


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  • SleepyBunny


    I know from experience that therapy can bring up a lot of really difficult things and sometimes make you feel worse. There's nothing wrong with needing more help than a therapist can offer, but I understand that getting that help is not always an option. Do you think it might be helpful to talk to your therapist about this, or have you already? I'm not a professional, but I feel like they should be making sure you're OK when the session ends. As far as the actual urges, I know not everyone likes to make art in some way, but I used to draw things to express my emotions when they got really bad. They didn't have to be good drawings or even make any sense, just angry scribbles on scrap paper or something. Art is expression, and expression doesn't have to be pretty; it doesn't have to be well done and it doesn't have to be a pleasant subject. Just as long as it doesn't make you feel worse. I know it sounds a little weird, and I can see how it wouldn't help everyone, but it allowed me to redirect those feelings and almost make them come out like they were trying to, but in a way that was safe for me. And art doesn't have to be drawing; it could be, I don't know...taking a cupcake and dropping an encyclopedia on top of it. I'm not sure what the meaning of that piece would be exactly, but as long as it had meaning to you, then it's art; and as long as it works to keep you safe, then it's worth it, because you're worth it, even when it doesn't feel that way.

    • rainbow1979


      that sounds about right I sometimes feel ok when I leave her office but an hour later after mulling over what we have talked about I feel bad like I want to do something stupid to deal with the feelings that have come up

      • SleepyBunny


        aw, that sucks. Maybe she'd know how to help that somehow. I'm not familiar with every therapy method, but maybe she knows how to help deal with the extra feelings surrounding the hard things as well as dealing with those things themselves or something; I don't know what you've had to go through, but I know that stuff builds upon itself and compounds over time, so eventually it means dealing with even more than what you would have to deal with already. You definitely don't deserve to suffer like this, and as someone who eventually made it out of some of my darkest places with the help of therapy, I can confidently say that it's possible to heal, even if you can't imagine it; I really wish that for you. I know the process isn't quick or easy, though; feel free to message if you need/want to chat ever. I'm glad you're on this app reaching out.

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