are you tired of trying to find a solution? I am

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  • eternalgemini


    Yes, 1000%, I'm totally over this pain.

  • gloam


    Yep, too many unreliable sources to dig through when I already feel bad

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Yes. Trial and error is exhausting. The lack of any guarantee or stability is beyond what I am equipped to maintain

  • CaLeJi1994


    Yes, I literally just saw a damn diagnoses that I've needed treatment for since February. Based on the blood work data, it says I have Addison's disease... My doctor just didn't want to admit I was right... Literally getting better help from a doctor within Walmart earlier today, than I ever did with a specialist in the past year. I know what it is now and maybe can get treatment... Thank God. I'm hoping once I start the meds, I can get back to normal again. 🤞🤞🤞

  • Cocoasuki


    Same!! My doc told me Iet all yhw criteria for ehlers danlos syndrome, but won't put it on my paperwork! Also, I can't get anyone to help me get a parking tag for my car. They all just say: get another xray, do more physical therapy.

  • Pey10


    I feel like the medical field has abandoned us and treats us as pain seekers. If we don’t perform our pain in hospitals for abled professionals then they don’t believe us. All the gaslighting. I’m in pain and i’m tired and i’m tired of being pain. And being abandoned whenever I try to access help to make it stop. I can’t believe they let us live like this.

  • eternalgemini


    Pey10, I completely understand and I wholeheartedly agree. It's very sad.

  • Speedyk


    I’m tired of being tired

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