me: gives advice to others on how to work on their binge eating
also me: eats like 2 dozen raw hot dogs in the middle of the night

jokes aside ive been doing really well with not binging recently and i feel really good about it. IM 2 MONTHS CLEAN!!! 2 WHOLE MONTHS!!!!
im just really happy,i believe in everyone here. i thought i would never be able to stop but look at me now. even if i do it again it doesn't matter i still got to a milestone, im making progress. it can be the smallest step in the world but it's still a step after all.
i believe in every single one of you guys!
you all got this! it may take time but thats fine, china wasn't built in a day, and you wont be fixed in one either.

Binge eating disorder

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  • Gianna321


    Congratulations!!! That is something you should celebrate! Maybe pamper yourself with a spa day! You definitely deserve it!

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