how do you know when your medication is working?



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Meanevilperson


    How long have you been taking it?

  • unrad


    when you've been on a stable dose for a year or more

  • MaeBea


    I knew when I tried to cut back on sertraline to help with the fatigue from medications, but felt like I had more anxiety than before I started it. Granted, that was a crazy few weeks. Obviously that's not very helpful if you need to continue taking it, but maybe it's a good sign it's working if you can tell when you forget to take it.

  • Brilliox


    DO NOT TRY THIS... unless it's safe. For me I think if you've taken it for a while, what I try and make a mental note of how I'm feeling and doing and I stop taking the med. I usually can tell if it's helping something but I didn't notice until it didn't ha e help anymore. I go right back on it of course, but I do it if I don't know just to check.

  • CloverCorgi


    I knew in my first week of taking Lexapro. I was put in a social situation I would normally get anxious and run from, but instead I felt just a little embarrassed. It was a big difference between a little anxiety here and there, versus crippling anxiety 24/7

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