What are some tips to manage stress around worsening conditions?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • IbsQween


    Warm baths! Eat healthy. If you can a glass of wine: remember you are not alone! Stay in touch with your doctor and follow advise to the T!

  • SaltyZebra


    Taking it day by day and making small attainable goals for each day even if it’s just walking one block. I make the goals first thing in the morning based on how I’m feeling/my energy level that day. I personally get overwhelmed when I start thinking too far ahead…”will I be able to do that, how do I know I won’t be flaring, will that make me flare?” Taking it one day at a time makes it seem more manageable. I still make plans for the future but don’t give myself a hard time if I cannot do that activity that day and make sure the people I’m with/surrounded by understand that things can change at any moment. I realize this isn’t an option for everyone but therapy has also been very helpful in dealing with the stress of the unknown.

  • KristiMaeH


    I found this list from a T1D on Instagram. It’s lengthy, but definitely worth it looking at * Talk to a therapist and/or your doctor. They are there to help! * Do more of the things you love and try not to focus on your blood sugars. * Find your support group. Whether it is friends, family, on social media, or through an organization - find people who you can talk to that will support you. * Set boundaries with yourself! Don't obsessively watch your BG. Check it once, and give yourself a couple hours before you check again. * try to "Zoom out" … will you remember this moment a year from now? * Move your body! Getting up and doing some movement can help you feel good. * REST!!! Take time to rest and forget about diabetes for a bit. * Remind yourself that you are doing the job of a human pancreas while also trying to live your life. Give yourself some grace!

  • ThisIsFine


    - find things to look forward to. I have 5 countdown widgets on my phone for things I'm looking forward to. They can be simple, one of mine is for Halloween since I love Halloween even though I have no plans!! - celebrate anything you do. Take a moment after any task, no matter how small, to take a deep breath and appreciate how your efforts helped. For example, I'll stand in the kitchen a moment, breathe, and go "wow that looks a lot better, look how shiny my sink is!" after I do dishes.

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