Does anyone happen to be in a relationship currently and feels as though their partner will just.. never get it?? I have tried fully explaining my diagnoses, symptoms, medications, hallucinations, paranoia, triggers, etc (multiple times) to help my partner better understand why my behavior, actions and reactions are so different than most people sometimes, and even though I’ve tried explaining these things OVER AND OVER, I feel like it just doesn’t help. Sometimes I feel like I’m just better off alone. Schizophrenia is such an understudied and foreign disease to even most psychiatrists… idk I just feel very lonely right now.

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  • chellesaylo


    It sounds like you feel unheard or invalidated. I'm not sure how serious your relationship is, as for myself, I've been with my partner for 7 years (married for only a little over a year) and at first, yes. I totally felt like, he felt as if I was exaggerating my symptoms or he would just ignore them all together because it made him feel more comfortable. Like I would be curled in a ball having a full blown episode sobbing into a pillow and he would walk into the room and just walk back out. Eventually, after seeing these different sides of me come and go, but accepting that this was all of me, he learned how to walk through these phases with me. And now, after years of getting to know all these bits of me, he knows me more than I know myself sometimes ♡ in the best way. So I don't think any of us are better off alone. That people whom don't suffer from the same thing, just need time to understand. Some people need more time than others. If they didn't want to be there, they wouldn't be.

  • Newtworthy


    I understand where you are coming from, I can't help but think I'm going crazy with the looks my partner gives me sometimes. In their defence, without going through it would you know how to handle someone with schizophrenia? I sure wouldn't know what to do! My partner understands that I'm unusual and not to question things when I'm having a 'flare up'

  • BaileyFawn


    i understand, the part about the other not getting it... my dad doesn't understand my conditions, even though my mom has explained to him also... but he just doesn't get it...

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