Hello. Has anyone tried a Spinal Cord Stimulator for back pain issues? Did it help?

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  • Betty_Boop


    They were going to put one in for my neck but couldn't get it through the scar tissue! I would ask first if a tens unit is like a stimulator! If it is try that first before the surgically implant the stimulator! Just a thought!

  • Sunshine_Sue


    I have. It worked about 50% of the time. Now I’m overweight and can’t charge it. I would make sure you do the trial time first. Pain management does that. That will let you know if it will work for you! Good luck!

  • Julie_Marie


    Yes! I had my first one (St. Jude/Abbott) put in surgically and after 3 years the generator stopped working. I had to wait 2 years to get it replaced due to Covid and elective surgery restrictions. Now I have a NEVRO HF10. It has improved my walking and pain about 50%. I am happy I decided on having it replaced.

  • Witchygirl


    My husband has one and he is having it taken out. It was noting but trouble and didn’t work BUT it may work For you. Everyone is different

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