So I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder (mostly anorexia) since 2019. I’ve gained back all the weight I lost plus more and I want to loose weight again but I’m trying to do it healthier. My grandma suggested the Mayo Clinic Diet and gave me a book but now I’m sitting here looking at the book and I’m finding a lot of stuff that really unhealthy about it and I can’t tell if it’s just my eating disorder brain that thinks that or if it’s actually not a good diet to be on. Basically my question is, Is the Mayo Diet good to go on or will it throw me back into a relapse. Or any tips on trying to loose weight healthily? It’s also hard for me to work out due to my chronic pain and stuff. So I’m looking for more of a diet and healthy eating approach more than an exercise approach.

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  • Heidi23


    I’m not doing the best mentally either so it makes trying to loose weight without relapse even harder..

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