I’ve yet to take my anxiety medication because I’m scared I’ll get addicted to them. Has anyone else struggled with this?


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  • AnxiousBean


    At first, yes I was worried they'd become a crutch for me and I wouldn't want to go off them. Now I've found it's quite the opposite; my mind doesn't like the idea of relying on a pill to be "socially acceptable", so every few months or so I try to come off them. I know it's never a good idea to tell someone with anxiety to "just don't worry about it" (coming from someone who has anxiety), so I say you can cross that bridge when you get to it. Best of luck! ♥️

  • kitkattherat


    When going into meds, you won't feel extremely different- people around you will notice first. For example, "Hey you've been a lot happier recently! It's nice!" And then you'll realize that you haven't been having as many thoughts. It's very gradual

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