How have you handled dating as a person with a mental illness? It’s been a year since my last relationship ended. Part of the reason my ex broke up with me was because of my depression and fear of change. My living and financial situation isn’t ideal either so why would anyone want me?

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  • Megz86


    Your mental illness does not define you my dear - remember that. Self work and self care is highly important in the path to recovery or at least tolerance of anxiety. I'm positive you have lots of awesome personality traits.

  • Sheath


    Its not always easy but when the right person comes along they won't look at the flaws they'll help you work through them and it won't be a chore for them or to much to handle they'll wanna see you at your best I had a toxic relationship where we both had severe mental health issues and he just made mine worse after we split up things got better of course it sucks and still hurts to think about but when you start focusing on the good your brain will rewire and it won't be as much of a struggle of course there's good days and bad days then there's nightmare days but we see the world different from the rest so and it triggers us that others don't see things how we do and we often wonder why but in the end they choose ignorance is bliss over us who choose to see reality for what it is and it doesn't make us weak or damaged it makes us stronger it makes us special in a way

  • Bec89


    I am pretty sure up until now I wanted to be ok after my last relationship ended so badly and it was my fault. I traumatized myself and now I push for everything to be ok in my current relationship instead of taking a step back to take it slowly and understand each thing that happens. I have someone who is so supportive and I’ve been making him the enemy thinking he will hurt me now because I deserve karma. I talk to him about everything and I’m so scared that he will just up and leave because of all of it.

  • rabbithearted


    On the other person's end, it shouldn't be a matter of something they deal with. Real care means it's not even a burden to be there. And from my own end, my CBT therapist mentioned one time that stuck with me that we might not have control over our thoughts, but we can control our behavior. Took me MONTHS to implement that of course, but I'm a lot less aggressive towards people, especially the ones that care about me.

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