Hi friends! I was recently diagnosed with seronegative RA, and started on Plaquenil. Have your diagnoses changed over time? What was your diagnosis like? I’m still flabbergasted over the diagnosis, myself.


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • BeverlyMarch


    Hi. I was diagnosed two years ago. First with fibromyalgia and then with seronegative RA. Im currently on plaquenil as well as methotrexate and cymbalta. The first rheumatologist i saw told me my symptoms were in my head and to see a therapist.

  • Flow


    My doctors also told me for years that it was fibromyalgia. I was recently put on a trial of low dose prednisone for a month and it drastically improved my chronic pain so they’re looking into a diagnosis of seronegative RA

  • spookyspoonie


    I was diagnosed with seropositive polyarticular RA at age 12, after going through Scarlett's and Rheumatic fever (& then sydenham's chorea). Over the years I have been diagnosed with 11+ other diseases, including inverse psoriasis last year- so my diagnosis has now changed to seropositive polyarticular psoriatic arthritis.

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