does anyone know how to tell when you are in a hypomanic episode? i only got diagnosed last year and haven’t experienced many episodes but when i do i have a hard time trying to figure out if im just happy or hypomanic.

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Booklover99


    I'm in the exact same boat

  • DottieStone


    I've had this diagnosis for 20 years and I very rarely see them coming. My husband tells me when he sees it

  • fuzzy419


    I've only been diagnosed for a year or 2 but ive started to notice that I get really confident and extremely happy/energized. Its still helpful for me when someone points it out to me but ya its super hard to recognize sometimes.

  • Verruckte


    For me, it's how fast I speak, and how long I speak like that. Normally I'm a very quiet person, but I tend to talk alot in hypomania.

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