besides therapy and medication, how can i best manage my symptoms ? my bpd sometimes makes me feel like i’m just a lost cause & there’s no chance of me ever getting better & i just keep ruining everything good that comes my way & i’m so desperate to get better :(

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Norah


    Hey, I’m sending you a big hug. I don’t really have a suggestion on how to treat bpd. I can only ask you to stay strong, and to believe in yourself.

  • Strawberry


    I know what you are talking about, sometimes I also feel like you. Which therapy did you try? The most effective for me was DBT. Did you try it?

  • Yaya3


    I know that feeling I would not touch my grand child for fear of ruining her and all I ever wanted was a grandchildren. I believe I am more of a problem than a good influence on my family and struggle to forgive myself I just have to remember to keep trying to change my thought processes.

  • skytreader89


    I have BPD and I get it you are strong and got this we're here for you

  • Dollymygirl


    DBT workbooks were pretty helpful and practice your coping skills even when you are not in distress will help when you actually need to use them.

  • MacMacabre


    What worked for me was Schema becayse DBT didn’t help. I used to call myself a destroyer. Because destroyed peoples lives around me. Part of me is still waiting for everyone to leave at any moment. I just have started to separate myself from that. It came with age and healthy relationships with people who weren’t abusive or toxic to me.

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