I got COVID in Jan 2021. Ever since, I’ve lost the sense of taste and smell & have tried various things to get it back but still got only 50-60% back. Any one can help?

Chronic Disturbances of sensation of smell and taste


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  • Oliverose


    What have you tried to get it back?

  • audRei


    Im the same way. I read somewhere recently that smoking, and untreated allergies can prolong the recovery. It's only been 6 months for me. Just curious, what do proteins smell like to you? I noticed im able to smell the specific amino acids in things i didnt even know had substantial proteins. Dog food is by far the worst, it smells like hot death. Soy (in all forms; sauce, oil, tofu, edamame, etc) is another one that smells horrible. If something has soy in it it's just about the only thing i can taste, it's like those nasty walmart honeybuns.

  • rlw


    I would also like to know what you have tried. I had COVID (after being vaccinated) in August 2022. I lost smell and taste.

  • Mooey


    I had covid pneumonia in Jan. 2021 and I still dont have my taste or smell back. I am eating some things but Im tolerating them and dont enjoy food and or drink anymore. I have taken to eating things that appeal in texture and dont smell as bad to me. Bread is one thing I dont like. I cant even stand the smell of it. I can taste sweet, bitter, salty, spicy but I cant taste flavors. Still hoping to get something back!

  • Inpoortaste


    I had the cove 18 months ago; I have an overriding smell of something all the time. Some times it’s worse than other times. Some things just smell bad like chicken soup. Even fresh air doesn’t smell fresh.

  • PoopityScoop


    1. You can talk to me for connection cuz I also ask recovering from lost sense of smell! 2. AbScent the organization online can offer you tips and a community 3. Smell train! More of this training on AbScent

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