Anyone else with ocd have an issue with compulsive hoarding? It feels so isolating not really seeing anyone else who struggles with it. Not really looking for advice or anything, just wanna know I’m not alone. Tired of the only time I see someone else it’s just the show hoarders! How does your guys ocd manifest otherwise? I’m interested in hearing!!


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • SoftCat


    I've just started to become a bit of a hoarder. Specifically with paper for some reason in the thought I can use it for something else. Weirdly my ocd manifests in a way that when I can't find something, I convince myself I swallowed it till I find it. Including things like silverware, a book, and socks.

  • girlypop23


    YES! I have so much random stuff. It kinda toned down once I got on medication.

  • michii


    Always remember, you’re never alone 💕 🙏

  • SunFish


    My sister and I used to hoard before we found the right medication for us. Hoarding was a way to feel secure. Everything we had was a resource for us. We would end up keeping everything in our room and not touch things for years because we actually never needed them.

  • HealingHales


    Ohh yes, I 100% relate to this. For me, it tends to come from fear of throwing stuff away that I miiiight need down the road. But i think my depression intensifies it too, because I'm really prone to buying things impulsively for instant gratification & feel-good chemicals in the brain, you know? And then when I'm buried in "stuff" I get ashamed, which makes me isolate, which worsens depression and prolongs decluttering bc I have no energy. It feels hopeless at times.

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