Anyone else have family members that tell you to “just not be anxious” when your starting to have an anxiety attack? How do you deal with it? I have a family member who always does this and it always makes the problem worse and I dont know how to tell them to stop.

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  • Bridgette


    I'd honestly tell them to stop and that's not going to work so please stop. Unfortunately that's a way lots of people think oh if they would just stop they wouldn't be anxious. You have to educate people about how you feel and anxiety. Also tell them I get your trying to help but that's just not how it works. 💕💕💕

  • J.Cooky


    One of my family members used to do the same but I sent them a post by dear anxiety on Instagram about why that comment is unhelpful when someone is having a anxiety attack. Some people who say that don't really understand how hard it is for us, they just need help understanding

  • wise


    I had family members who didn't take my anxiety seriously until I had a four day hospital stay and blood work and imaging to prove I was having a medical emergency

  • Skye29


    Ask them why they can't just "stop being horny". It's not something you can decide to just not feel. I've found this is something that everyone can relate to lol.

  • Lady6ug


    I had someone tell me to "not let my body control me" when I was having a tic attack (Tourette's). It was my dad. I regret not throwing something at him.

  • IndigoBro


    It’s hard for sure. It’s good to be aware that family member is invalidating of emotions so you can be mentally prepared when interacting with them. Eventually you stop feeling safe enough to express anxiety around the person. I either escape to have my emotional outburst or interact using the grey rock technique.

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