I really enjoy coffee but I’m completely intolerant to caffeine. I used to drink probably 5-6 energy drinks a day back when I lived with my parents because of everything going on with them. I took a break and only drank soda when I moved out a year ago. Now any time I even drink half a cup of coffee I get so anxious and jittery that I can’t stand it. Does anyone know of anything that tastes similar to coffee that has less caffeine?


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Adverse effect of caffeine


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  • Tofu14


    There is always decaf coffee. If you want kind of an earthy tea there is honeybush tea if you are looking for the same vibe. Also maybe try oolong tea.

    • SpickleManIckle


      I’ve never tried honeybush tea, or oolong. I will definitely try those. Decaf coffee sometimes even still causes me to have the same reaction. That’s what I tried this morning. I’d like something more natural than soda but it’s been hard to. I’ve been drinking green tea and I like it, but I’m wanting some variety too! Thank you for those suggestions

  • Yuka


    Coffee makes me anxious too. I've been so much better since i quit.

    • Yuka


      But i have decaf though

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