Hey y’all how you deal with dis 😭

Generalized pain

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • kila


    Lol I just look to the good side. 👍 at least it won't kill me and I can get support for people all around me . Also so many dermatologist know about it and help with creams and advice

    • MishtheFish


      that’s very true!! Love the positivity 💕

  • msmimi


    I feel like a lot of us just learn to live with it but something that I've been trying to do is listen to my body and be honest with myself and others about my pain. Those that care will support

  • Oliv915


    I’ve only recently been diagnosed, and it’s unnecessarily painful, i honestly thought they’d go away, but after 3 and a half months my doctor was like it’s not going to, and I’m like welp

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