Just a long rant about overthinking and dwelling on the past. Currently, I find myself visiting my past a lot.

There are a few days I try to be as productive as I can, or hang out with friends to distract myself. But I do it for the sake of having a distraction and not for the betterment of myself. It’s been 6 months and I still cannot get over my ex. It was not as bad as it was initially before, but I just want to find ways to stop dwelling on it for too long.

Although there are times I snap out of it, I often blame myself for falling short and going back into my old habits like oversleeping, caving in my room, and crying about old memories of him.

I recently took a break off of social media because it got so bad. I wanted time to work on myself, but I feel like I end up going back in depressive episodes and somehow think about him all over again.

What are any of you guys’ suggestions I can do to work on this?


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