Hi all, I am struggling currently with my hallucinations. I would like to talk with alikes about them and learn more about resources

Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)


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  • Angelbaby3


    I am really sorry you’re going through this. It took me almost 2 years of treatment to get my symptoms in check. Make sure you are communicating with your doctor if you’re still experiencing symptoms and it may be time to try a new medication. I told another poster about this but there are DNA tests you can take which look at which types of the medications will me most effective for you. That’s how I finally found mine and I think it made the worlds difference in my recovery. I’ve also heard from others that finding a trusted friend or family member that you can check in when you are experiencing hallucinations or delusions, and know that you will take their word on telling you when something is real or not. I know how scary it is when things seem so real but sometimes our brains lie to us and that is part of this illness. It’s an amazing step that you’re even recognizing them as hallucinations and I think it shows how mindful you are being them and beginning to recognize them for what they are. I have done a ton of meditation at teaching my brain CBT and DBT techniques myself & with a therapist and have learned how to distract my brain and not give attention to my delusions when they start coming up. Best of luck to you!

  • Kosmos


    WOW this has been super insightful I genuinely appreciate your time can I message you about this?

  • Kosmos


    I bumped all my meds up so now I am in the phase of that I would like to hear more about the dna thing!!

  • Angelbaby3


    Hey! You can totally message me!

  • trin20t


    @kosmos I had the DNA test for meds and things at GCBH here in Cincinnati. It was free. It told my psychiatrist I have there what meds I can take. It's given like a cheek swab. You get the results in like two weeks. Your psychiatrist will tell you which meds you can take and give you the list when you mention it. Mine did. I found out I can't take Clonazepam. It will hurt my body or not work at all!

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