Anyone know any tips/advice for getting a gastric emptying study/scan done? Getting another one tomorrow cause I couldn’t complete it the first time (due to vomit) and pretty nervous but need to complete it

Disorders of gallbladder

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS)

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  • Nikki75225


    If this test called hida scan ?

    • Mac2


      sorry sent my response in the chat lol

  • malks


    I'd ask for a barium swallow study

  • LizBassy


    I went 15 months trying to get a gastric emptying study... I had to ask for one.. I needed a HIDA scan for my gallbladder. For that I switched doctors and hospitals all together. Seeing that 13 ct-scqns showed nothing my GI just sent a request in.

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