I’m at ground zero with my fibromyalgia. I’ve let myself go during the pandemic, I move very little, every movement is riddled with pain. I’m at rock bottom and need a plan to get moving and find a routine that gives me more good days than bad.

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  • Scarlet9904


    I wish you all the best 💕

  • Darling_Dutchess


    I’m going to follow this cause I’m in the same boat 😭.

  • Chesbro99


    All I can say is start small or try to change your meds. Even if just standing up is a lot. Do it 5 times and take a break?

  • CrazyHairHappyMama


    What I find helps me is routine. Even when you feel like you can’t do one more thing. Wake up at the same time every day, eat at the same times, do movement, drink enough water. Go to bed at the same time. Keep the same routine so your body has less to work at. It’s not 100% fix but it has helped some.

    • Copyright1970


      thank you. I think that’s good advice.

  • AngelBehr


    It sounds crazy when you hurt so very bad and this has failed me more times than not because it is so very hard to just take that first step but move. I know when I first wake up and need to go to the bathroom so bad it takes everything inside me to lift my body due to pain. But I have to push through that or have an accident. Then NO matter if you end up being in bed all day or are able to move some GET DRESSED!! Doesn’t mean you need full face of make up but get out of the pajamas and put on deodorant and fix your air. 99.9 % of the time this for me is pulled up in bun or pony. This in itself will help you feel somewhat accomplished. This is your new norm. Embrace it. Walk. To the bathroom and back. To your kitchen and back. Anywhere just walk but be safe as to not fall. You will find the more you do this the father you can go but remember do not over do it. Listen to your body. You will learn signs that you are pushing it. This is not going to happen for you everyday and that’s okay. I mean I am happy if this is my accomplishment 2 or 3 days a week but if I don’t make myself do this the depression will sink in real fast. If you like to cook. Get yourself a walker that has rollers and a seat and keep it in your kitchen. Cook or bake but really pay attention to your shoulders and arms because just 15 min in the kitchen can put you down for a few days. Anything that can help you feel like you accomplished something each day. ie. I got dressed. I took a shower. Today I put on eyeshadow. Tiny things we used to take for granted are such HUGE accomplishments for us now. Prayer and reading Gods word is the best relaxation. Hope this helps.

  • Julie_Marie


    I have been going to aquatic swim therapy since September 2021. I was only able to move at 20%. Now I am up to 45%. I worked up my endurance to walk a mile at 2 mph on the treadmill underwater twice a week. It has improved my walk-in with a cane. My mid chest and head are out of the water. The water feels so good on your muscles. The water temperature is about 95 degrees. I cannot believe all the exercises I can do in the pool, but not on land. I am strengthening my muscles and core. I look forward to going to aquatic therapy twice a week. The sessions last about an hour.

  • teeny


    i hugely reccomend routine like a lot of comments have mentioned, also swimming is great for exercise whenever you’re ready for that since it’s easy on the joints! going to sleep and waking up at the same time also helps me feel a lot more rested which helps overall wellness

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