Hey y’all. I’ve been taking Adderall/Adderall XR for about a year now and for like a month or two I’ve been having a lot more trouble doing my homework and everything else. I figured out it’s because the Adderall wasn’t helping anymore so I upped the XR from 15mg to 20mg and I also take 5mg instant release in the middle of the day. Even though I just increased the dose, I am feeling the same again. I feel kinda numb and zoned out and sometimes like I’m not even controlling myself, like my body is living and I’m just watching. It’s hard to explain. So I’m wondering if from your experience, if this seems like I should up my dose again or if this is maybe too much Adderall for me or I should switch meds. Also, to anyone with depression, can you relate to the numb feeling I explained?



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  • rainbow.moon.beam


    When I get like this I try and take a day or two every 2/3 weeks and don’t take my adderall so I can get a break from the feeling, as well as give myself some time to relax

  • What.is.sleep


    Some meds can make things worse, it sucks trying new ones and having to search for the right one but it’s totally worth it. What your feeling is not uncommon nor does it have anything to do with you personally. I’d recommend talking to your doctor and telling them you want to try a new medication. Also, track your negative symptoms and any positives this one may have had. It’ll help you doctor in the long run. Sending hugs (I’ve been on 4 different meds trying to find the right one for ADHD)

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