So I just started welbutrin for weight loss and libido and i’ve started to cry more and be a little more down than i was before (i was doing really well before) and im worried that the welbutrin is causing that. I took welbutrin in the past for anxiety and don’t remember it causing me sadness because i remember i was really happy on it i just had to get off because it made me lose so much weight that i was under 100 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches tall :/ i guess i’m just wondering if anyones had experience on wellbutrin and what it was like for them?

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  • Careabear


    Unfortunately Wellbutrin made me angry and mean. I can only describe it as I could have hurt someone and had absolutely no remorse for it while on that med. That is not me at all. It sounds like it might not be the best fit for you right now either. Good luck ❤️

  • Zelda_22


    Wellbutrin made me suicidal and cry uncontrollably. It worked great for my sister tho. It effects everyone different

  • mashed_potato


    It helped me for a few weeks... made my anxiety 10x worse (but better than depresso worsening), but after a while the sad boi came back so I was square 1 with extra unwanted symptoms

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