Anyone had any luck with treatments for a mild / moderate crohns diagnosis? It seems that there is no one clear path and I’m feeling a bit lost after two colonoscopy / endoscopies…

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • Berrygray


    I have mild to moderate crohns, im on humira now and it seems to be working well its been a lot of trial and error with which medication works unfortunately. If you want to message me id be happy to talk about what ive tried so far or answer any questions i can!

    • Iz4


      thank you so so much! I think I just replied on another thread but this is super helpful. I’ll def reach out if I move on to considering biologics ☺️

  • ArcticVulpix


    I have moderate to severe Crohn's. I've been on Inflectra infusions for about 2 years and it has definitely helped a lot!

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