Any advice on fibromyalgia and covid 🥺

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Briannaoohnana


    Fibromyalgia is technically an autoimmune disease I think (there’s still a lot unknown about it). This means that if an individual with fm gets Covid, they will have a really bad case of it most likely. A compromised immune system means it can kill you more easily. Your immune system needs to be introduced to the virus in a controlled way (a vaccine) in order for you immune system to recognize the virus and fight it off before it gets out of hand. It’s highly advised that immune-compromised people get vaccinated. If you choose not to, masks and social distancing are super super important. You gotta look out for yourself above all. Protect yourself and stay safe! If you get Covid and have even the tiniest bit of trouble breathing, go to urgent care or the er immediately.

  • HarbingerOfChaos


    So, the science is really unclear about if fibro is an autoimmune. Part of the diagnostic criteria is basically that you have symptoms that present like an autoimmune/inflammation but that you don't have any of the normal blood markers that they look for. That being said, I just got over COVID. 😷 I had gotten the vaccine and even a booster, so it was pretty mild but I feel like it definitely aggravated my fibro. The worst part was that the fatigue compounded on, so I got tired while doing the bare minimum for existing. 😴 I couldn't breathe well unless I was sitting up straight, which made it impossible to really change my posture and made my hips hurt from not moving. 😑 That being said, I was lucky that it was mild enough that I could still go on walks; much shorter than normal, but walks nonetheless. That helped dispel some of the fibro issues for me, but don't overdo it. I still didn't do anything active on the really bad days, and really forced myself to go on the less bad days because I didn't want to deal with the sick-day aftermath that hits if I let myself do nothing for more than a couple of days. My most superficial feeling complaint was my nose. 🤥 I'm used to my hands and feet hurting in the cold, but with COVID my nose almost constantly stung. I'm about a week past getting over the bulk of the symptoms, but I still have some inflammation in one side of my sinuses, and my nose will still randomly hurt. At this point I've low-key adjusted to it, because what's a little extra neuropathy going to change? 🙄

  • Ameg


    I have fibro along with asthma and other med issues. I’m pretty positive I got Covid 12/23. Had both moderna shots (second one 6/9 so didn’t get booster yet.) I’m a nurse and work at a hospital. Not sure if it was delta or omicron that hit me. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. But I had a hard time breathing and was out of work for 3 weeks. Needed antibiotics and oral steroids (along with rescue inhaler.) Luckily I didn’t need to be hospitalized. But since it was around omicron peak, it was prob that. In which case, I did get hit harder than most who weren’t even down for a full week. So idk. All I know is I’m thankful I’m ok now.

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