I started going to therapy for the first time in September 2021. Immediately got diagnosed as bipolar, lol. I have gone through sooo many meds since then, and a few months ago finally landed on Lamictal which had been good? It was hard to tell if it was working at first because I just felt… normal. And it didn’t have any weird side effects. Being diagnosed with ADHD was a lot harder - it took me a long time to distinguish the difference between ADHD symptoms and hypomania. When I’m manic I get super sexual, don’t sleep, and have crazy endurance with sports. But I’m general I have a hard time focusing, super hyperactive (with crashes afterward), talk fast, my brain jumps from topic to topic, etc. These ADHD symptoms are heightened with mania but remain all the time. I just got on adderall a little over a month ago and it was a GAME CHANGER. I feel sooo much more clam and collected. I can manage my emotions now! I thought I might have BPD but I no longer think that, now that I’m on adderall and emotional regulation is so much easier. I also used to have chronic tension headaches that I think were brought on by stress from not being able to focus or deal with my emotions - they are basically gone now. Lamictal and adderall SAVED MY LIFE. I feel brand new.


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  • Wasabihanna


    That's incredible! Thanks for sharing your journey

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