Looking for ways to have better control of my moods

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • mariposa.92


    For me, it's very easy for me to forget my coping skills when I'm starting to feel irregularity in my mood. I would write down sort of a "guide." If I noticed I was feeling irritable, I'd look at my lists and say "Am I also sleeping less and spending more money?" If I concluded that maybe I was having a spell of hypomania then I'd have a list of coping skills written out to walk me through it.

  • Raemelyn


    I’ve really tried to like take a mental “temperature”. I stop and breath then try to put words to how I feel. When I start to feel depression that is a huge red flag for me. I make sure I’ve taken my meds, eaten something, drink cold water and do my “turtle” thing. I remove myself from people or drama or anything that is giving me negative input. It’s hard for me. Changing meds makes it difficult but at 59, I’ve found tools that really help me get grounded. Good question. Hugs.

  • Cr4fty


    Therapy for CBT training and meds worked wonders for me. I also get physical activity in at least a few days a week (I do yoga mostly) and I take a meditation class twice a week.

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