I have been to so many doctors in the past that I’m afraid to even try when one comes along and says they have the latest treatment. I feel like I’ve been there and done that. Any of you feel the same?


Peripheral Neuropathy

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  • Kijo


    I absolutely know what you mean now they want to put the spine simulator it's a big surgery bigger than they put a cross and I've been keeping up there's a lot of cons on our side of the spectrum but a lot of Pros for people with back pain one said she got 20% better 20% seriously I don't know what else they can do they keep saying surgery but what kind of surgery I have peripheral neuropathy severe in my hands I'm losing the feeling and the capability of doing anything but they will not because of the opioid problem give me a pain pill so I suffer it night suffer more than a human being should I mean how much should I suffer before I go to a mental institution cuz that's where it will lead me not the hospital cuz they laugh if you go in and say oh my hands hurt LOL I'm sorry to preach but I do understand what you mean

    • Breez


      you should be able to get pain medication. Go to a pain management clinic. Opioids are dangerous but a monitored pain medication is necessary at times.

  • Kijo



  • Pensewell


    I have the spinal stimulator. I have had it for over 6 years now. It is a very big thing to get put in but it has helped me get off of most of my breakthrough pain medication. I have very painful peripheral neuropathy and it will get all the way from my back pain all the way to my toes. I can turn it on while laying in bed and it changes the way I perceive the pain and it helps me get to sleep so my body rests and I wake up not in near as much pain as I used to. The surgery was really hard for the first week because your back has been open and your trying to move and it’s really painful. I had to have help doing things that week but after that I was fine

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