who else has that feeling sometimes of just utter exhaustion that seems mostly unwarranted? like i don’t feel like i should feel this exhausted, i didn’t even do much work today, barely any.


acute lethargy

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • VaehVaeh


    I am also exhausted all the time. I can only think of a few times where I actually felt energetic/well rested/high-energy

  • Zstephaniet


    Same here, just talked about it with my doctor he suggested me get sleep testing or whatever it’s called where they monitor your sleep as the first step, but it seriously could be your depression making days harder to get out of bed or keep up a social life

    • chickpearhi


      I really wanna try a sleep test!

  • Bre19


    Yes I feel this but I've learned that it's apart of how much energy mental health issues take away from me

  • JingleP


    Yes and I often just wake up and go like yea I’m tired today. And I might not feel better until midnight when it’s time to sleep again… my therapist helped me realize that many things take energy that you might not realize, especially anxiety. Just being anxious and having various thoughts takes up energy and can make you tired when you have so little energy to start with. It really sucks to have such a small bank and not be able to do fun or productive things most of the time

  • chickpearhi


    Yep I need 10 hours of sleep otherwise I feel physically sick as though I've been up all night 🥲 I never have enough energy to do the things I wanna do and it sucks

  • NessieSoph


    I go through periods of extreme exhaustion, followed by no sleep/hyper productivity. But the exhaustion is so hard to deal with and takes away from my life

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