I’m 17, agender she/her, afab, lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I like art, dance, human rights activism
I use many mobility aids
I start college this fall
I have AMPS and FND which are not on here.
I’m in Michigan


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  • skye


    What do AMPS and FND stand for? Could you tell me a bit more about them?

  • TreePerson


    Amps is Amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome! It’s really complicated. It causes nerve pain and also makes your muscles hold into lactic acid for longer Than normal. Functional neurologic disorder is listed as conversion disorder on here, but conversion disorder isn’t diagnosed anymore. They thought it was just psychological conversion but it’s actually a real neurological condition. For me it causes tics, for others it can cause seizures, temporary partial paralysis, and more.

  • skye


    I'm sorry you have to go through that. At least you know what's wrong and maybe something helps? Anyway, what are you planning to major in in college?

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