Hi , my name is Kathy. I have been sick since 1996. At first they thought I had Lupus, and eventually decided that I had an autoimmune disorder/connective tissues disorder. After about four years or so they decided that I had fibromyalgia and depression/anxiety also. About three to four years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis and was put on Cosentyx and it seemed to work for a little bit but then I broke out all over my body- head to toe. Also my joints started hurting, swelling. They changed me to Treshiba . I still didn’t completely heal. It started breaking out on the bottom of my feet and extremely bad on my scalp. So once again I was changed to Stelara. It seems to have cleared up some of my psoriasis but my scalp is extremely bad and the places I have are the same. It’s been about 9+ months and I think I need to put on something else. I also have had extreme Thrush and dryness in my private areas with all three medications. Has anyone had these kind of issues? Thanks for any feedback. God Bless !


Fibromyalgia (FM)

Psoriatic Arthritis

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Diffuse connective tissue disease


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  • Ladyfly


    Have you ever tried Lecithin for the Psoriasis. Autoimmune diseases runs in my family. My mom used Lecithin and she would rub Vitamin E on the psoriasis.

  • Flash


    Enbrel solved my scalp and other areas of psoriasis and then the Dr changed my meds. My scalp has recently flared up again. I have occasional bouts with the sarcoidosis too but I’m 75 years old. I hope you get better.

  • cybr.kat


    tbh from what my doctors have told me humira works better for people with both psa and psoriasis

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