I was wondering if anybody had an opinion on a scenario which I encountered the other day. I am catholic, and I go to a catholic school. A few days ago we had a seminar in class about CRISPR gene editing and whether it was ethical in the church to eradicate disease in children before they are born to keep them from living a life of pain. It astounds me, because most of my friends who participated in that seminar decided that they thought it was a better decision to let children suffer with the problems we all share when they are able to be removed and the children are able to be saved from ever having these issues. I’m just wondering what peoples stance on this is, because I’m honestly not sure where I fall. I hate the idea of other people suffering with what I have, but apparently it’s against my religion to want that??

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  • stargazer2540


    ❤️❤️wow what a dilemma.. I assume you have female? Like wanting to have children you mean? I am Lutheran I'm not sure what they believe on that but I am against any Gene editing because basically you're playing God and he's the one that gives life. Don't know if I'm helping you much but dm me if you would like to talk more.🙏❤️

  • CoolCucumber


    Gene editing is sex cells (inherited) is a while away. Meanwhile, it’s happening in somatic cells (not inherited). The co-inventor, Jennifer Doudna, started a non-profit to address these ethical questions. Try checking it out and know that there are trustworthy scientists just as there are untrustworthy ones out there. People aren’t perfect, but some are trying to do good

  • Brie13


    I am also Catholic. What you feel is absolutely normal and you are not alone. Just because this tests your faith, doesn’t mean it has to push you away from the Catholic faith and teachings. There have been many things that have tested my faith but eventually the truth behind it was revealed after seeking more about the why we believe it. I have chronic pain every single day. I wish I could change it but I wouldn’t have wanted my parents to consider changing my DNA to prevent it for many reasons. Firstly, I was informed that my fibromyalgia was most likely caused by my environment in which I was raised. Trauma and stress caused my genetics to switch on and off certain codes, causing my diagnosis (it’s just like the nature vs nurture theory in biology). Thus, I more than likely didn’t have the active genetic coding at birth which causes my diagnosis. We are such intricate beings, created in His image and likeness, so vulnerable to many things in our environments. I understand the dilemma and frustration of perhaps finding a way to prevent an illness in things like gene-therapy. However, with how delicate gene coding is, one little change in a gene base could cause a traumatic mutation and possibly do way more harm than good. It’s really genetic engineering or in other words, Selective Breeding, just as deciding the sex of your child, eye color, or any other biological genotype or phenotype. I do not wish to argue but to converse. 😊 This is simply my perspective, as what I have learned as a Catholic and the ethical stances the Church takes and why I agree with it after thoroughly researching it. For example, the Church isn’t necessarily against in vitro fertilization (IVF) but the risks and the embryos they use in the Petri dish which are conceived within the dish, and indeed, are viable lives which are then either placed inside of the woman or thrown out. What happened to those lives which could’ve been? I remember speaking with a priest about this years ago and he told me if there was a 100% effective way to prevent risking the lives of the various fertilized eggs (human life) through that process, it would be acceptable. Because we believe life starts from the moment of conception, when sperm meets the egg and forms a zygote- which not only is a Christian belief but a scientific fact - we must take all precautions to protect life and it’s dignity at all costs. Similarly, getting back to the topic of gene coding, it’s simply about jeopardizing the life which God intended to naturally occur. What we can really focus on is not so much the in-vitro genetic rearrangement but a cure and treatment for those that already have it post-partum. If we can find a cure for so many other things, how could we not discover one for our own chronic illnesses? I understand your perspective though. Please feel free to message me any time. Thanks for reading! God bless you, my brother in Christ! ❤️

  • Lilocnr


    Thanks for the responses guys I appreciate it :) super helpful in trying to find the right path to take.

  • petrichor_chaparral


    I am not religious but would prevent as many genetic illnesses as possible for sure. Having said that you can't prevent all disability and illness by doing so obviously, only some (a minority?) of conditions are genetic

  • Medically_Challenged


    I’m religious and I personally don’t believe in playing a deciding role in anyone’s life. I won’t add too much to this conversation but I think my biggest reason and counter argument is that science can also fail. My cousin was told her baby would be born with Down syndrome and when she was born she wasn’t. I think there are many times where life is a gamble and it’s scary picking a side.

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