I’m struggling with OCD and ADHD. It’s very contradicting. I love organization but feel like there are way too many things to organize and it’s so overwhelming. My mind is in a million different places, and I can’t stand chaos/unpredictability. I wonder how many others have both conditions. ??

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Heaven197987


    When my anxiety is high so is my ocd

  • Kitty83


    I totally understand. It's the same for me. 😥

  • Molly_Grace


    I developed ocd as a coping mechanism before I knew that it was add that I had. If I didn't have all of these rules in my life, everything would have been chaos. By having systems and rules for literally EVERYTHING, from how I shower and get dressed, what shoes to wear, what days to change my sheets, what days to do my hair different ways, ...just literally every second of my waking life. I would totally fall apart. It's the only thing that keeps my anxiety in check but it drives everyone around me absolutely insane because if they interfere in my routines/rules, I have an absolute breakdown. Perhaps panic attack? I don't know, but I basically become a toddler and throw a temper tantrum of sorts and really can't handle it. It's wild, and I'm 36. I want to tell myself to get a grip but 🤷‍♀️🥲

  • MarySol


    I have adhd but I do not suffer ocd. I do find adhd manifests as hyperfocus..but in the sense of overwhelmed feelings of the pain of starting tasks or completing or lack of attention span and dealing with failures and disorganization..not on repetitive tasks for concerns. I tend to focus on all the things that need to be completed but spin on that and can't do any. I was never this bad but the intro of ptsd added complexity. Untreated adhd is chaos in your head. There are so many misconceptions. I am treated the last few days and have done so much better. It is a horrible condition. It is real. I feel everyone's pain here.

  • Mad.Hatter


    I do. They both seem to be getting worse. I really have a hard time.

  • BrieMarie


    I have adhd-i. There are certain aspects of my life that are super organized like my purse and planner but rooms that ate a disasyer

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