I am still in the process of figuring out why I’m sick. How do I advocate for myself the best? I will be 23 this month and my doctor don’t think that I’m sick. They think that I might be pregnant, however, not only have I been having symptoms since LAST year and DO NOT have a pregnancy belly, I have not been with anyone recently enough to be.

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  • WalkingDisaster


    I’m 24 and went through a lot of my health stuff at 22 and the biggest thing that helped me was coming to appointments prepared. I had a whole detailed timeline about when each symptom appeared and what specialists I’ve seen and what they’ve tried. I also did my research so it helped I think in making me seem more like a grown up

    • Katrinaaa


      I have been attempting that, however, my mother WHO I DO NOT LIVE WITH sees the same doctor. She has been meddling with my health. My mother has RA and likes to be the “sick” person in the family. She keeps telling my doctor that I am a hypochondriac. I had to fight for MONTHS but I finally got my doctor to order blood work for me.

      • YanyLaurel


        you had to fight for your doctor to order blood work for you? What a sh*tty doctor

  • Deathfuffy


    Doctor shop if you can. If one thinks it nothing or your stretching the true find someone new. I have been gaslighted by a ton of doctors until finally someone listened to me.

  • LilyUnicorn


    Journal all of your symptoms and medications or over the counter vitamins or supplements you take everyday. Rate any pain or nausea on a scale of 1 to 10. This may help the doctor new or old one see a pattern to your symptoms sometimes it takes time so don't be discouraged. Keep Journal entries going but don't fudge.

  • cea_shel


    Start looking for a new doc and in the meantime, tell your current doc that you would like them to order tests, and if they don't, you want that documented in your charts.

  • Doglover25006


    Trust yourself. Yeah the doc went to medical school but they are taught to think horses not zebras when they head hooves. It’s easier to say you’re young and healthy than it is to look for complicated stuff. The doc works for you not the other way around. Find one you trust and bring your own research to the appointments to discuss. Document your symptoms. It is much easier for a doc to write off your symptoms when there is no data. I’m a chronic pain patient so when I say I’m in excruciating pain for weeks that’s easy to say I’m exaggerating or being dramatic. When I say I wake up with pain 4/10 then it jumps to 8/10 with this activity and 9/10 with that activity. That is much more objective for a doctor to work with. Once I started providing that type of data the docs took me seriously we figured out my medical management and most days now I am pain free. There is hope. But it’s not an easy road. My DMs are always open if you want or need to talk.

  • Zoey_Val


    I am about to turn 23 as well and my doctor finally diagnosed me with long Covid and POTS. I still am not sure if this is what I have but I’ve seen so many doctors that I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing has helped my symptoms so far as well. I am just in hell and hoping to figure this out soon:( hope you can find a good doctor and hopefully get some answers as well ❤️

  • HeyReese


    This is a HIPAA violation. Your doctor cannot discuss your health with your mother without your consent

  • D3stiny


    Try to get different opinions by different doctors. If you don’t find a response that matches your needs, DEFINITELY consider getting a new doctor.

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